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Businesses who advertise with NegotiatorCentral are truly sponsoring the life saving efforts of crisis negotiators around the world. This training portal is free to members, which includes sponsors. Our sponsors are funding our operation, allowing NegotiatorCentral to continue to provide cutting edge training and interactivity to our members around the world.

As a sponsor, your business and products are exposed to negotiators, tactical operators, dispatchers, command personnel and related professionals who strive to advance our efforts. This is a focused, specific web portal addressing the business of crisis negotiations. Your products reach a focused audience and will be examined in unique ways, including weekly e-mails to all members who then are redirected to the portal for exciting developments in the field. Our innovative approach to site activity provides sponsors with what we refer to as: "A 24 hour, 365 day, constant conference of crisis negotiators". Your sponsor (vendor) table is always open for business at NegotiatorCentral.

Sponsors of NegotiatorCentral have another unique-to-our-site advantage. As a 'sponsor member' you are allowed direct access to all members by participating in the live discussion forum, creating announcements about your product and marking your own trade events on the portal's calendar. No other site offers this type direct access to it's members. Remember, you are more than an advertiser, you're a sponsor, a member, and a friend of crisis negotiations.

For information about our options for sponsorship, please call or e-mail for our media kit.

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