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  • CrimePays17
    CrimePays17 replied to a topic in the forum General Discussion:
    I'd like one please.
    • Tue at 1:14 PM
  • Ausmus
    AusmusMetroRW30: Hi, Metro, I read in one of the chats, you have a template for throw phone deployment. Would you mind sending me a copy of that as well? My email address is Thank you for the assistance.
    • Mon at 10:24 PM
  • crash53
    crash53 has added a new profile photo.
    • June 12
  • AndyYoung
    AndyYoung Go LPD Negotiators!
    • June 9
    JCAMPAGNA Anyone interested in trading negotiator challenge coins?  If so, send one out to the listed address and include your return address in the envelope, I will send one right out to you.  Thanks San Jose Police Department Attn: Joe Campagna 201 Wes...  more
    • May 31
  • MetroRW30
    MetroRW30 replied to a topic in the forum General Discussion:
    AB-1034 Floor Results ***Please do not reply to this automated message*** Tracking Notification: AB-1034: Government interruption of communications. On 30-MAY-17 the following history action was applied: "Read third time. Passed. Ordered to...  more
    • May 31
  • NCadmin
    NCadmin replied to a topic in the forum General Discussion:
    Take a look at what one of sponsors,, has to offer in terms of a unique Crisis Negotiations team Leadership course.  They cover a wide variety of topics that would benefit you in the start-up of your new team.  DPrep travels so they ca...  more
    • May 25
  • Eric
    Eric replied to a topic in the forum General Discussion:
    Just spoke with CID Staff Duty Officer at HQ, if you have a real world emergency involving a service member, contact the nearest military installation, request to speak with a Special Agent from CID/OSI/NCIS and be prepared to provide a call back number/p...  more
    • May 16
  • AndyYoung
    AndyYoung I just sold the 1000th copy of my book! Thank you all!
    • May 12
  • bcline
    bcline has added a new profile photo.
    • May 11
  • LPDSGT233
    LPDSGT233 Just joined this group. I am interested in trading Challenge Coins, email me at Not knowing past discussions, if any team is looking for grant to purchase Throw Phone, we recently got a grant from Firehouse Subs Foundation which pu...  more
    • May 2
  • LPDSGT233
    LPDSGT233 has added a new profile photo.
    • May 2
  • buford763
    buford763 posted a topic in the forum General Discussion:
    • May 2
  • ENTcallBox
    • April 27
  • ENTcallBox
    • April 27